Mentone Combined Training


Didn’t place but didn’t come away empty handed from today winning a handy and tasty price in the raffle , being a bag of oaten chaff.


The showjump course was well built and well up to height. Even though it had rained most of last week, the ground held quite well being a sandy  loamy sort of soil. Shame about the showjump warm up being way too small for a horse Occy’s size. It was jump, slow, turn, start again, jump, slow etc. So he didn’t really find his stride until halfway around the course. 2 rails but there weren’t many clear. And after Occy treating the first part of the dressage like the start of a Crosscountry it didn’t really matter too much. At least we’re back out there.


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Apart from being a photographer I ride horses compete in Dressage, Showjumping and Eventing or Horse Trials. I also own and run an Equestrian property to the East of Melbourne, Australia. In my spare time I run a a Bed and Breakfast and a couple of websites and

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