To the Austrian Alps

A casual start as I only had a 3 ½ to 4 hour drive planned through Innsbruck to Kals, deeper in the mountains.

I made a stopover at the Kaiserjäger museum, who I suppose were a bit like the US Marines in their days. This meant that they were utilised in the front lines in tricky situations in war. They lasted from the Napoleonic wars around 1816 to just after the First World War, when what was left was disbanded. The museum doesn’t just cover war though, but the history of the entire Tyrolean area. It even has the old summit cross of the Grossglockner, the highest mountain in Austria and one of my major goals for this trip.

I gave the other Palaces and Churches a miss due to the continuous rain. SO I found my way back onto the main road and onwards towards Kals. The 6km tunnel under a mountain was interesting, as the mountains themselves were hidden in cloud.

Once in Kals the weather did clear for me to walk to a local place the “Gams Alm” for dinner and then pack for the start of the Grossglockner climb tomorrow




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